7 Gods of Babylon


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7 gods of Babylon The tower of Babylon occupies the center of the picture. This is the biblical story of […]

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7 gods of Babylon The tower of Babylon occupies the center of the picture. This is the biblical story of how god gave humans different languages and therefore could not cooperate. Christianity is only one of many belief systems on planet earth, but religion in general can create division between people which in turn makes us unable to cooperate. In nature on the other hand, cooperation is natural, even between species. One example is ravens and wolves, who cooperate by the ravens ability to spot prey from high up in the sky. The raven dives down and marks the prey. The wolf then in turn kill the prey, before they share the meal. About 650 million years ago, there where only single-celled organisms like bacteria on planet earth. One day a small bacteria penetrated a larger cell and started to eat the waste material of the bigger cell. The small bacterias own waste was nutritious for the bigger cell, this way the cell gained more energy and started to divide. This is how multiple-celled organisms started to evolve. In each cell in all living creatures on earth today, we find this small bacteria called the Mitochondria bacteria. This is the cells power plant and with out this, humans would not exist today. Cooperation is therefore key to life on earth. To underline that gods are made by man and the other way around, you find seven gods preforming the seven deadly sins on the tower of Babylon. They all originate from a time before Christ, but they all have a similar story as Jesus. Buddha, Krishna and Horus are all among the sinners. Especially Horus has an identical story as Jesus. He was born by a virgin mother, the three wise men came to visit, he healed the sick, was crucified with two bandits, was resurrected on the third day, before he went up to heaven after forty days. This implies that the story of Jesus is plagiarized, told throughout centuries. There are theories that states that the story is describing the suns path over the sky, past the twelve star constellations which the babylonians invented six thousand years ago. There is a experiment which you can do on pigeons called «Pigeon superstition». The experiment consists of putting a pigeon alone in a box, feeding it through a computer at random times. The pigeon will evolve a pattern which it thinks is the reason it receives food. What the pigeon did the first time it received food, will determine the pattern. The pigeon will repeat the pattern expecting more food. This experiment underlines how natural it is for living creatures to look for patterns in nature. Similarly, humans have evolved their religions, ceremonies and rituals through out time. Humans have seen a connection between their actions and events occurring in nature and society. Today we bomb the old babylonian empire to shreds, while norwegian companies get rich on war material. We humans must look past our differences like language and religion to realize that we are all better of cooperating with each other. We all originate from the same cells that once floated around the ocean, seeking nutrition from the sun.


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GUTTESTREKER fokuserer på å laga filosofiske bilde, basert på vitskap. Dei teiknar metaforar som vanlege folk kan forstå, for å […] Les mer

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